Saturday, September 7, 2013

Allegro Reformer Padded Platform Extender

As a pilates trainer who has used and taught on Lagree's Proformer and Megaformer, Stott, and WundaBar Pilates Reformers, I was not happy with the lack of front padded platform extender for the Allegro Reformer. I already own the rear platform, but for my clients, the front one would be most useful. I  wanted to add new pilates exercises to their repertoire.

Balanced Body does NOT make one. Recently, at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention, I got to use the Stott V2 Max Plus Reformer with the padded platform (selling for $185.00) for four days straight, and when the convention was over, I simply could not let it go. What to do? I already had the Allegro and, for the time being, I didn't want the expense of switching over to the functional V2 Max, mainly because of a platform. I asked a handy friend for help. Two days later, voila! I got my own custom made front padded platform extended for the Allegro!

I have been using it for just one week and all my clients love it! It's padded yet firm, stable, has good traction, and allows even those who are "balance challenged" to climb on top of the machine for front and rear facing lunges, pikes, splits... so many exercises that we have yet to explore together.

So, for those of you trying to locate a front padded platform for your Allegro Reformer or your Allegro Tower of Power, stop looking. I doubt that Balanced Body is going to bother to make one, not since the release of the Allegro II, which is now their main focus.

Feel free to contact me if you would like one custom made for your Allegro.

Email me at: info(at), or you may leave a comment here. Please include your location, city and state.

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