Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pilates Teacher Training Program Certificate

Just a few days ago, after what appears to be a lifetime of non-stop Pilates training, I finally got my Teacher Training Program Certificate!

After completing my classroom integration at Pilates Studio City, I got immersed in getting certified in Pilates Plus, while I taught privates at my home Pilates studio on the Allegro Tower of Power, an apparatus I needed to learn how to best utilize. I also got my Spin Certification via Mad Dogg Ahtletics. Just when I decided to take it easy and focus on learning a bit more about anatomy, I was asked to teach Pilates for Pregnancy and Pelvic Floor. So out came the books again, the anatomy lessons were specifically geared towards the pelvis . . . And just as I was getting used to all this and couldn't wait to get my hands on my anatomy books again, I found out that the studios I currently worked for were about to be flipped into WundaBar Pilates!
Bottom line, we can all handle more than we think. So, under the guidance of Pilates authorities like Mari-Jose Blom and Kendel Pink, I was trained on how to use the WundaBar. What is that? It's an awesome and challenging merge of Pilates apparatuses: the Wunda Chair and the Reformer, with an additional ballet bar and a Jumpboard! Ole! It's a trainer's dream machine. Everything in one!

Despite all the delays, among training, I never gave up on my Certificate. I believe in Pilates Sports Center's training. I was trained on: Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac. It was a tough program, and that made it stand out. The classes lasted a few months. The requirements of completion, beyond classroom time, were: 100 hours of observation, 100 hours of practice teaching, 40 hours of self integration, 15 hours of Pilates video observation, passing scores on all classroom tests, practical exams, and projects, and 45 hours of client assessment (the big project). I picked Pilates Sports Center's Pilates Teacher Training Program because a. it was prestigious (one of the best in S.California, along with Balanced Body and Long Beach Dance Conditioning), and b. it was thorough.

I am grateful to my PSC teachers, Loara Anderson and Nichole Martinez, my friend and mentor, Christine Clark (trainer extraordinaire), as well as: Marie-Jose Blom, Kendal Pink, and Amy Sowers, the brains (and body) behind WundaBar Pilates.

I thank you all!

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