Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jump Board: Quadruped Pilates Jumping Video

I asked someone to quickly tape me as I was working on QUADRUPED JUMPING at my pilates home studio. I liked the results so much, that I didn't want to change a thing--besides my hairdo.

In the video that follows, I have done a brief sequence of four point kneeling simple jumps on  my Balanced Body jump board on the Allegro Tower of Power. While not for beginners, a client needs only understand the basics of neutral spine and be able to practice proper alignment while maintaining it. 

I perform 3 jumps with toes down on each leg, then I perform 2 jumps in Pilates turnout (more mild than ballet turnout) on each leg. I was on a BLUE spring (a medium resistance spring)

Before I start with the jumping, I have worked on my alignment, length between the crown of the head and the tail bone, open collarbone position, and finally using my breath I have also stabilized my spine using the muscles around my core.

I hope you enjoy this simple yet precise edition of Quadruped Pilates Jumping

Stand Tall!