Friday, November 18, 2011

Pilates Plus, SPX Certification with Sebastien Lagree

It finally happened! Almost a year after crawling, in excruciating pain, onto my first Proformer, I am officially certified to teach. I'm deeply grateful. I do not take "working out" the way most people do, as a task. I love to work out. Every moment of anguish pulling on some strap with my triceps, my quads, my obliques... it's a victory. Pilates Plus straightened me out in many ways. At first, the transformation was just physical; I got rid of my cane. Soon, it became apparent to all, especially me, that it was much more than that. I stopped thinking about life as a painful journey we all had to make until we were allowed to rest. I am now able to share my experience and make others feel the relief and joy that comes with physical health!

I'm an SPX certified Pilates Trainer!

I am thankful... correction, I am grateful.